Donn is an excellent teacher who takes great pride in his work! I have taken his blacksmithing class and am taking his bladesmithing class and I have learned a lot about reshaping metal and stock removal. I highly recommend Donn's classes for anyone who has an interest in metal-working!

Ana Smith, Chandler AZ

Taking Blacksmithing classes and getting the honor to apprentice for Donn Wagner was the best thing I've decided to do in Arizona.

I came out with so much skill and practice. Donn is an incredible teacher, he taught me plenty of metal work from absolute zero experience. I learned how to work with an anvil and different techniques to moving metal with a hammer. I became a lot more comfortable working with and around power tools and even learned the chemistry going on in the metal. Over all I would 100 percent recommend Classes from Donn Wagner.

Samantha lawton, AZ


I purchased a sword for my renaissance costume. I needed a sheath for it. I approach Don to get an idea and cost. He made a reasonable offer. I just picked it up. It was beautiful. It exceeded my expectations. I will recommend him to anyone who wants quality hand crafted items.

Mark Clifford, AZ

"I came to Donn for a reason, and

this is it be it gods or instinct I thank

you, you're doing a great job."

Greg, Phoenix, AZ

I was always fascinated with Blacksmithing and swords. So glad I was able to find Donn Wagner. I was finally able to learn so much about a craft that I love. I have taken the Blacksmithing course and will continue on to finish the knife making course. I have had so much fun and come to love the craft. I know I’ve been given the skills to continue on my own when I am ready. Donn Wagoner is a great teacher. He knows what he is doing and takes the time one on one to make sure you understand how everything works as well. If you are looking to learn about this craft, I would say you’ve found the right place.

Nicole Hanson, Mesa, Arizona

Donn Wagner is a master of his trade, he made me a custom steak turner, a dinner Bell and a variety of other cool well-made items. He made all of these by hand in his forge. I have observed him teaching students one on one ranging from 7 years old to 65! He really cares about each student and loves what he does. I highly recommend him to make your project or take a blacksmith course with him. He even makes custom furniture.

Antar Max Wagoner, Mesa, AZ

Donn is a true craftsman! His welding is beautiful. He takes his time and is extremely knowledgeable. I believe his specialty is making high quality knives but I asked him to make furniture for me and his work was exquisite! His prices are very fair as well. I have told many of my friends about him when they compliment me on the furniture

he has made for me.

Brooke Eastman, Mesa, AZ


I wanted a branding iron as a gift for newlyweds. Don was able to take my design and make it a reality. The price was reasonable and the quality exceptional. Don mocked it up for my review. After giving the OK, I had the branding iron in a few weeks. I am very happy with the final product.

Craig S. in Arizona

I called Donn not knowing a darn thing about smithing. With his help I know a quite a bit now, looking forward to going back for more classes. If you want something crafted he's your guy!!!

Trevor Schoneberger, Mesa, AZ

"It is my pleasure to write a review for my husband, Donn Wagner. He is highly skilled in the craft of blacksmithing. He has developed this skill over many years of trial and error and he continues to develop and perfect new techniques that enhance the quality of his already high quality products. He specializes in the craft of creating 17th century tools and artifacts that aspiring blacksmiths and discerning living history reenactors will use for years to come. He also creates black iron artifacts for the modern needs of those who enjoy the beautiful yet powerful decor of sturdy,

American made products."

Diane, Mesa, AZ

"Donn's skill and craftsmanship are apparent to all when watching him forge. And more importantly his ability to teach this craft to people with no experience at all is second to none! Thanks to Donn, I now have the necessary skills and fundamental knowledge to pursue smithing on my own.
Thank you so much!"

Zachary Meyer, Scottsdale, AZ

With years of experience, Donn exemplifies his dedication to his craft to a perfectionists standard, demonstrated through constant re-evaluation, of himself and his metal-working. I feel honored he passed his knowledge and expertise along to me when I took his Blacksmithing course. His teaching style is honest and practical, with no sugar-coating and consistent feedback. Coming with NO background in Blacksmithing, I recommend Donn because of his honesty, good humor, and devotion to traditional Blacksmithing.

Yvette Aguayo Mesa AZ.

Donn Wagner is Lightning Creek Forge! He is an excellent instructor and mentor. He is top notch! He teaches his blacksmith skills in a simple and concise manner. Donn is safety oriented which is extremely important to follow instructions considering we work with high temperatures and tools. He is respectful and kind, but is not afraid to tell it like it is if someone is doing something wrong or dangerous. I have worked with metal for many years but I never truly had control over shaping metal into what I wanted it to be. Welding and building things is not the same as taking a raw piece of glowing red metal and pounding it into what you what it to be. A new found skill that I love. Learning from Donn, was a great experience for me and I will always be grateful for his instruction in blacksmith skills and also some life lessons learned along the way. Thank you Donn. I'll be back to finish working out the details with you for my new forge I am building. Respectfully, Michael

I’ve known Donn Wagner for about 5 years now. He’s a great Blacksmith and amazing with kids. My 7 year old especially has had a great time taking classes from Donn. Since we home school we are always looking for opportunities for the kids to learn and develop. I highly recommend Donn’s work and his classes.

Nate Charlton

I have known Donn Wagner for many years and have had the opportunity to work along side him on a number of occasions. I have seen first hand the quality and beauty of his Blacksmithing work, whether a simple "s" hook or a custom knife with all the finishing touches. I have also had the opportunity to observe his Blacksmith training and consider it beyond anything else you can find.

Bruce Rolph Mesa AZ.

Very precise work.

Would recommend to anyone.

Joy Roberts, AZ

Donn is an excellent Bladesmith and craftsman. He made me a new set of kitchen knives with new blades and my choice of knife handles as well as a custom beverage dispenser holder- and I have been more than satisfied with all of his work thus far. He prides himself in excellence and it is exemplified by his work! I would recommend him to anyone!

Joanie Sturgeon, Mesa, AZ

My son signed up for Blacksmithing classes with Donn. My son absolutely enjoys this class and looks forward to each one. Donn is a great teacher and my son has already learned so much! Amber Walker, Mesa

Donn Wagner is an excellent blacksmith and instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and hands on teacher. One on one teaching is a hugh positive. Donn has everything you need to learn to be a competent blacksmith. I am thoroughly enjoying this class and look forward to advancing in my skill level in future classes. I highly recommend Donn for anyone who is wanting to explorer blacksmithing.

Kim Austin, Mesa, AZ

I started taking blacksmithing classes from Donn. I signed up for a one month class. I feel that I've learned so much already. Donn is a good teacher! 10/10 Bud, Mesa